NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern are committed to ensuring that students have access to affordable and appropriate housing for the entirety of their time in our programs.

During the summer semester in New York City, students will have the opportunity to live in NYU Summer Housing. In addition to program staff and faculty based at Stern, Resident Advisors in the dorms will be available throughout the summer to answer questions and serve as local resources. Students will also have access to a variety of summer housing services such as athletic facilities, the health center, library, laundry, Internet and more.

For the Fall and Spring terms in Shanghai, we are currently exploring options for housing near the NYU Shanghai campus. To assist in this process, we are consulting with professional housing service providers and working closely with students to better understand needs and preferences. Updated information about housing options will be provided as they become available

In addition, the Graduate and Advanced Education Office at NYU Shanghai maintains a Resource Guide to aid students in finding their own housing. Like any large cosmopolitan city, Shanghai features an abundance of options to suit various lifestyles and budgets.