MSQF Company Visits: Summer 2019 in NYC

July 24, 2019

In addition to coursework, MS Quantitative Finance (MSQF) students had the opportunity to visit two companies this summer while in New York. The visits are designed to expose them to companies, individuals, and industries related to their studies and future careers.

First, students visited the Federal Reserve for a guided tour that provided background on the Fed's history and concluded with a visit to the Gold Vault. The vault, resting on bedrock located 50 feet below sea level in the building's basement, holds nearly 500,000 gold bars today. Unfortunately we do not have any pictures from inside the Fed, as photos are not allowed.

The second visit was to Nasdaq, the American stock exchange located in Times Square. Led by a current Stern part-time MBA student who works as an advisory analyst, students toured the space, learned about Nasdaq's history and evolution, and watched the ceremonial opening bell ceremony. Pictured below are the students, Academic Director Jeff Wurgler, and our host in front of the opening bell.

Students will visit more companies while in Shanghai this fall and spring.