MS in Data Analytics & Business Computing

The Master of Science in Data Analytics & Business Computing seeks to prepare pre-experience students with a strong analytical background for careers in a fast-growing field of business analytics. Students will learn how to use a data-driven approach to solve business challenges in the era of big data. With the interdisciplinary nature of business analytics, our program offers a broad yet rigorous curriculum in business (finance, marketing, revenue management, operations), data science (statistics, econometrics, data mining, data visualization), and management science (optimization, stochastic modeling, simulation). We emphasize both quantitative and technical methods and their applications in different functional areas in business. Students will benefit from the extensive industry experience of our faculty and seasoned professionals in the field.

The program will teach students to understand the role of evidence-based data in decision-making and how to transform data into a powerful and predictive strategic asset that will ultimately drive optimal results. The program is designed for students interested in gaining knowledge in quantitative and technical methods as well as further developing their strategic and business management skills to lead in the increasingly data-driven world. Those students interested in focusing on particular functional areas besides acquiring general knowledge in data analytics and business computing, such as finance, marketing or operations, will have an opportunity to learn more about some of the functional areas.

Our program is a sister program of Stern’s MS program in Business Analytics (MSBA), which has been consistently in high demand in this field since its inception. While the MSBA program is for senior-level professionals, our MS program in Data Analytics and Business Computing caters to motivated pre-experience students or recent college graduates.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire knowledge of various quantitative and technical methods of managing and analyzing data to make better business decisions and achieve optimal results.
  • Help students to develop management skills so that they can make better business decisions and achieve optimal results based on the analysis of the collected and managed data.
  • Learn how to effectively organize and manage vast amounts of data to make effective data-driven decisions.
  • Learn how to model business problems and find optimal solutions to the formulated problems using quantitative analysis, statistical and machine learning methods.
  • Learn how to apply data analytic, data management and data-driven decision making skills across various functional areas of an organization, including Finance, Marketing and Operations.

Message from Program Director

"Our program leverages the strong intellectual resources of the Stern School of Business and NYU Shanghai. Students will have the opportunity to learn from our world renowned faculty who offers not only fundamental tools and skills, but also knowledge and insights from their cutting-edge research in business analytics."

Jiawei Zhang

Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences at NYU Stern

Class Profile - Class of 2020

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