MS in Marketing and Retail Science

The Master of Science in Marketing & Retail Science is designed to prepare students for the future of marketing and retailing. Graduates of the program will be equipped to pursue careers in both traditional marketing positions in global and Chinese companies, as well as in e-commerce and other companies in the digital economy. The curriculum has both the aspects of the foundations of marketing management, as well as the characteristics of the new marketing environment noted above. As a result, the program includes foundational courses in marketing such as Consumer Behavior, Branding, and others that every marketing manager is required to have. In addition, there are courses in Marketing Analytics, New Retail Technology, Digital Marketing, Data-Driven Decision Making, and others that will enable the student to excel in the new data and the analytical era of marketing and retailing. The curriculum is designed to incorporate elements specific to the Chinese and Asian markets. The program culminates with a semester-long experiential learning capstone course, which pairs students with leading companies to address a real business problem.

Our program leverages the strong intellectual and instructional resources of NYU Stern and NYU Shanghai. Students will have the opportunity to learn from faculty who are excellent instructors and cutting-edge researchers and to interact with practitioners who are experienced marketers and successful business leaders in the new era.

Learning objectives

  • Skilled at gathering and analyzing information for use in making marketing decisions.
  • Prepared to be effective marketing managers with strong decision-making skills.
  • To be a strong communicator and have the ability to work effectively on a team.

Message from the Program Academic Director

Our program uniquely focuses on the emerging need for more quantitatively-trained managers in retailing. The program will take advantage of the partnership between NYU Stern and NYU Shanghai to bring some of the best instructors in the world into the classroom. Our graduates will be ready to successfully handle the challenges of an increasingly data-driven retailing environment.

Russell S. Winer
- William H. Joyce Professor of Marketing, Deputy Chair of Marketing at NYU Stern