MS in Organization Management and Strategy

The goal of the Master of Science in Organization Management & Strategy program is to prepare recent college graduates with the knowledge and skills required in organization management in today’s increasingly interconnected, dynamic, and global business context.

The program will help students succeed in large and medium-sized private and government-owned business organizations, consulting firms, family-owned enterprises, or as entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. Coursework will include topics such as strategy, strategic thinking, innovation, decision making, collaboration, teams, design thinking, negotiation skills, international business, and more.

A distinctive feature of the program is its in-depth, multi-dimensional focus on complex management and strategy concepts and practices. Our world-class faculty in both New York and Shanghai use a variety of educational methods and techniques, including case analyses, exercises, simulations, lectures, class discussion, and real-world projects to build critical management and strategy skills. The program culminates with a semester-long experiential learning capstone course, which pairs students with leading companies to address a real business problem.

Our program leverages the strong intellectual and instructional resources of NYU Stern and NYU Shanghai. Students will have the opportunity to learn from faculty who are excellent instructors and cutting-edge researchers and to interact with practitioners who are experienced and successful leaders, entrepreneurs and strategists in the new era. We seek students with strong undergraduate training and expertise from all disciplines, particularly in the natural sciences, engineering and computer science, social sciences, and liberal arts, who seek to deepen their leadership skills and their strategic insights and analyses.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic functions and strategies of modern business organizations in a global context, and be able to evaluate and formulate business and corporate-level strategies and structures.
  • Develop the skills that are necessary for understanding, evaluating, and managing people in organizations successfully.
  • Become strong communicators with the ability to work effectively on teams.

Message from the Program Academic Director

Innovation is the engine of a growing and successful organization. This is a transformational program that brings together the intellectual resources of NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern to equip recent college graduates with the mindset, knowledge, and skills needed in todayʼs fast-paced, innovation-driven, and global business context.

Joseph Porac
- George Daly Professor of Business Leadership at NYU Stern

Message from the Program Academic Director

Our program is a springboard, or a jumpstart, to a successful entry into the competitive job markets in Asia and throughout the world. Graduates will possess the organizational and innovation skills necessary to succeed in a wide range of industries such as consulting, health care, energy, manufacturing, logistics and banking.

Christina Fang
-  Professor of Management and Organizations at NYU Stern