Pre-Enrollment Requirements

To apply, applicants must demonstrate how they meet or plan to meet pre-enrollment course requirements. Specifically, applicants must have successfully completed the listed credits/courses below with a minimum grade of "B" prior to enrolling in the program.

Pre-Enrollment Requirements
MS in Data Analytics and Business Computing
Required Credits
Calculus 3

Coursework must be completed at a degree-granting, accredited (or government recognized) college or university and may be taken online. Courses/credits taken at community colleges are not acceptable for meeting the coursework pre-enrollment requirement.

If courses that you have taken do not correspond to the standard U.S. semester credit system, please email for specific directions.

Programming Proficiency

Students need to present elementary to intermediate level of proficiency in "R". This is not a pre-enrollment requirement but will be highly preferred. If a student does not have previous programming proficiency, a self-study plan will be required in the application.