Pre-Enrollment Requirements

To apply, applicants must demonstrate how they meet or plan to meet pre-enrollment course requirements. Specifically, applicants must have successfully completed the listed credits/courses below with a minimum grade of "B" prior to enrolling in the program.

Pre-Enrollment Requirements
MS in Quantitative Finance
Required Credits
Calculus 3
Statistics* or Econometrics 3
Accounting** 3

* Statistics course may include (but is not limited to): Biostatistics, Mathematical Statistics, Probability & Statistics, and Statistics for Business & Economics.

** Excludes Managerial Accounting.

Coursework must be completed at a degree-granting, accredited (or government recognized) college or university and may be taken online. Courses/credits taken at community colleges are not acceptable for meeting the coursework pre-enrollment requirement.

If courses that you have taken do not correspond to the standard U.S. semester credit system, please email for specific directions.