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MS Programs Career Timeline
  • Summer Phase (June - August): Explore Your Career. During this phase, you will be able to explore career interests, identify career goals, and finalize your career action plans. You will complete self-assessments on CareerLeader and CliftonStrengths to learn your talents and strengths, have a one-on-one conversation with us to identify your career action plans based on your strengths and interests, and finalize your resume for fall recruitment season. 
  • Fall Phase (September - January): Develop Your Competencies. To tackle the fall recruitment season head-on, this phase is to develop your career competencies and prepare you for competitive hiring processes by equipping you with the latest recruitment information, industry insights, effective job searching strategies, and guidance on interview preparation. 
  • Spring Phase (February - May): Achieve Your Goal. At this stage, we hope to help you achieve your career goals by continuing to provide career services and host career events. We will support students still seeking full-time opportunities with personalized service and prepare those who have landed offers for life beyond NYU Shanghai.
Events and Programs


CRDP (Career-Readiness Development Program) Events

  • Recruitment Preparation Series. ​​​​​​The series is designed to prepare you for the job searching process with topics including resume writing, developing an elevator pitch, and acing behavioral interviews. You will be able to expand your knowledge on job searching strategies and enhance career skills that are essential for the hiring process.  
  • Distinguished Industry Speaker Series. ​​​​​The series aims to bring brilliant and engaged industry professionals to campus, providing students with cutting-edge industry insights and networking opportunities, enhancing students’ career competencies and skills, and helping students develop clear and appropriate career goals and career action plans. We will keep you updated with more event details in the coming weeks.



Employer Events

  • On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) sessions. We hold information sessions regularly by inviting employers from various industries and sectors to talk about their organizations, share what types of candidates they are looking for, and network with NYU Shanghai students.
  • Career Fair. With NYU Shanghai’s career fairs hosted twice a year, you can meet employers recruiting for internships and full-time positions. Companies attending the career fair are from various industries such as internet & technology, consulting, finance, and FMCG.
  • Company Visits. To help you gain first-hand industry knowledge, we will hold visits to companies that will allow you to learn more about each company’s work environment and company culture, help you get a better understanding of a range of professional fields, and network with experienced professionals.
Career Coaching

One-on-One Career Coaching Appointment

  • ​​​​​​June - August: 1st Round of Career Coaching. The focus of this round of coaching is career exploration and resume writing. We would like to get to know you and to help you develop your career action plan.
  • September - December: 2nd Round of Career Coaching. We will focus on interview preparation and mock interviews for coaching during this round. We hope to support you through the job searching process in the fall recruitment season.
  • January - May: 3rd Round of Career Coaching. This Round of Career Coaching will mainly be individual follow-up with personalized support. We will continue to support students seeking full-time employment and follow up with those who have landed offers to prepare them for the workplace.


Weekly Walk-In Hours

  • Held twice a week, walk-in hours are available throughout the semester to graduate students starting from the start of the program. You can drop by to have a 15-min talk with our career coaches to get feedback on your resume or answers for some quick questions. For longer discussions, it is recommended that you book a coaching appointment with us through Handshake.
Career Resources




Handshake is your one-stop-shop for building your career and launching your job and internship search with 300,000 employers around the globe. You will be able to view and register for all our career events and schedule appointments with Career Development Center coaches.

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As our students, you will have access to a set of CDC online resources that can help you navigate your career journey. You can explore your career interests and goals, improve your career-readiness skills, and connect with NYU alumni by utilizing virtual platforms.





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